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Collapsible Dog Food Storage Container 30 lb with Transparent Lid

Collapsible Dog Food Storage Container 30 lb with Transparent Lid

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  • AIRTIGHT & MOISTURE-PROOF: To keep your food fresher and longer, this airtight dog food storage container comes with a magnetic lock, 2 silicone seals and 4 latches. It keeps out dust, moisture and all the bugs. The super locking lid also prevents some smart dogs and cats from eating the buffet when you're not home.
  • SUPER LARGE CAPACITY: Unfolded size: 17.7x12.9x14.7 inches, suitable for storing 30 Lbs of pet food or 41 Lbs of rice. Weight is approximate, your results will vary depending on the shape and density of your pet's food. Can also be used to store flour, rice, nuts, bean, corn, sugar and other foods.
  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN & MOVABLE WHEELS: You can press it to fold it up when you need to put it away. Easily storing it on the cabinet or shelf can help save space and keeps your cabinet organized. The dog food storage comes with 2 wheels on the bottom for easy movement and placement.
  • DESICCANT STORAGE TANK: It’s designed under a transparent lid to ensure extra moisture resistance, and you can also put something inside to keep the food fresh and dry for a long time. When you take out the dry food, don't worry about the hassle of taking out the desiccant.
  • FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: Our dog food storage is made from high-quality polypropylene, a BPA-Free recyclable material that's non-toxic, tasteless and non-stick. Ideal for dry pet food, treats, cat litter, bird seed & horse feed, etc.
  • INCLUDES A SCOOP & CUP: This dog food storage container comes with a food scoop and measuring cup with a clear scale for easy serving. Support all the parts you need. And this thoughtful container set with a beautiful box is an ideal gift for any family.
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Why choose us


These durable pet food storage containers have been especially designed,you can choose to fold it or not based on your daily storage , whether you have dogs, cats or other pets,and minimize space,convenient storage.


Silicone seal, magnetic snap,a box place the desiccant.These designs keep pet and human food fresh, and free from pests.


The transparent lid allows you to check the remaining amount quickly before you head to the pet store.
The folding part is made From TPR material, ductile and can be folded repeatedly


Made from food-grade, BPA-free, high-density polyethylene plastic,tough and durable.